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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas wish list for the Fit Female

Toni Approved Christmas list!  These are a few of my favorite things!  If you have a fit female on your list this year, check out some of these items!  And feel free to send me something off of my list! :)  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for ME or that fit female on your list:

Pink Versa Gripps:

Peanut Butter and Company:
White chocolate wonderful or Dark Chocolate Dreams are my favorite

ABOUT TIME Carob Coconut bars and Fill- Shake- n- Go and a MUST is the new Superfruits!

Contigo no spill Coffee Travel Mug..greatest thing EVER!

I would like a stage makeup set and JanTana Ultra 1 from to mention great photo and competition suits
SMARTSHAKE shaker bottle

DennisDennis Bodywear: HOT Clothes. I need the Brilliant line..all of it!

Walden Farms product Calorie Free ranch Mayo..oh yes I did say it.

House Of Pain:  I’ll take a medium tank top and shorts set

Hardcore Gear outfit: Ill take a medium bling crop top and brazillian cut matchy matchy pants

 Built:  Lunch Totes  I love the Verve Lunch Bag

EZ Whey Cookbook:  awesome healthy and pre contest recipes!


Bell Plantation PB2: if it’s not in your pre contest it should be!  I love the chocolate

Chocolate Egg Whites by Muscle Egg.

Isolator Fitness:  CUFF EDITION!

iTunes Giftcard!!

Nike: Pro Combat shorts, capris, tights Great fitting half zip shirts, cute colored tanks

Subscriptions to magazines: Muscle and Fitness HERS and Oxygen

Sugar Free gum and Candy !  Icebreakers, Trident, Orbit, Extra Desserts…my list goes on forever!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's kind of neat social media works!

So I was checking in on BODYSPACE at, where I have a profile under tkatmommie.  I have been on there for years, and actually quit posting progress pictures and such becaus of an Idntity theft problem stemming from there and Myspace...all besides the point.  I still have an active profile, just have not been as active lately.  I was reading through friend requests 'fans' as they are called aon there and had a woman write to me that she was reading this new book and foung MY WORDS SO INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATING.  I seriously thought she had me confused with Tony Little the  Gazelle  So I googled the book, BODY BY DESIGN... and low and behold it stemmed from the social netowrk of BODYSPACE MEMBERS! Check out page 25 of the book!

The Author,  KRIS GETHIN has been the Editor in Chief of since 2005. A certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Kris has coached thousands of people all across the world, including several top athletes. He has also inspired thousands more on BodySpace, a fitness-focused social networking site with over 650,000 members.
This quote is also what I start out with on my website at  I go back to practicing what I preach a lot, and this one always brings out the reality and deeper meaning as to why I ..Toni West  am motivated.

I really couldn't believe that they found something 'inspirational' out of my 'space' on the website to actually put in print...and then to have readers of the book search me out to compliment the motivation.  I couldn't be happier to help pay it forward to people making a positive change in their lives, and to somehow be a small part of the process is incredible.  You never really know how many lives you touch, and social media, used for the POSITIVE influence is a great venue!

I found the book free with a purchase right now on, and it is a GREAT resource for those wanting to get motivated and structure a plan of attack on their fitness.  Plenty of inspirational transformation stories, before and after pictures, quotes AND how- to pictures, detailed plans and on and on.

You can also add to the Facebook page:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day In the Life: Progress through the years

A Day In the Life: Progress through the years: Progress is what bodybuilding is all about. If you are not continually striving to improve upon your physique...then you are wasting your t...

Progress through the years

Progress is what bodybuilding is all about.  If you are not continually striving to improve upon your physique...then you are wasting your time in the gym, on crazy diets and so on.
I do feel that the BEST YOU is always yet to come, meaning everytime you get on stage you have worked toward your best....but ask any judge, there will always be room for improvement.  For me it is conditioning...a one word fits all kind of comment, but the truth is my best is still yet to come.  I have been happy with my physique every time I have competed, and yes compared to OTHERS I have plenty of areas to work on.  THE BEST ME IS ALL I CAN BE!

So here are some photos of my years of progression in bodybuilding.  I have been in the game since 2003, and have been working very hard on training and diet through the years leading me to today.  I am a 100% natural athlete, and have always been.  The differences you see are all related to TIME; no magic tricks, pills, powders, lipo whatever!  I have learned a lot about my own body through diet and exercise and how it responds and the timeframe I need for certain outcames.  My weight in all of theses pictures is about the same! In 2003 i weighed 135-137 on stage in 2010 I weighed 140-142.

(Stage Lighting makes a huge difference in some of these shots)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Listing of Bodybuilding events surrounding the Pittsburgh Tri state:

I always promote natural bodybuilding shows and first and foremost my federation the INBF/WNBF.  However traveling and time frame for some of my clients and friends does not always allow for them to compete or spectate ONLY these shows.  I put together a list of local shows for the fall surrounding the Pittsburgh area. 

Also check:

August 6, 2011

Bobby Boyle's World Gym Complex

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pro Qualifier in four divisions: Open Men, Over 40 Men, Figure Women, and Women's.
Co- Promoters Rev. Warren Egebo and Bobby Boyle or (215) 200-1680
Bodybuilding entry can be downloaded at
September 17, 2011
OCB Natural STEEL Championships PRO Qualifier Featuring Mr. & MS. Natural STEEL City
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bodybuilding, Figure, MS. Fitness, Fitness Modeling, Bikini & Body Transformation Challenge
This is an IFPA PRO Qualifier as well as a Masters Pro Qualifier
Stasi Longo & Sonshine Fitness - (412) 922-2929

October 8, 2011

NPC Natural Pennsylvania Championships
Bodybuilding Figure Bikini
Carnegie Music Hall
Homestead, PA (5 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh)
Gary Udit -
Greg Ferringer -

October 22, 2011
USBF East Coast Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships
(Open Overall Winners Qualify For Pro Status)
Lewistown, PA
Steve Boyer, Promoter
(717) 994-2378

October 2011 (Date TBD)
OCB Battle for the Swords - IFPA Pro Qualifier
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Roger Duchon, (412) 881-6699
November 2011 (Date TBD)


Regional Pro Qualifier: Overall Champions & Open Class Winners Qualify For Pro Status Div(s): Bodybuilding, MsUSBF Figure & Bikini
West York Area Middle School
York, Pennsylvania
Promoter: Brian Washington (410) 265-8264
(Open Overall Winners Qualify For Pro Status)
University of Scranton, Byron Complex
Scranton, PA 18510 (Exit 185 off of 81)
Promoter: Sid Michaels & Vince Cardamond
INBF Natural Drug Tested and Polygraphed:

Sept. 24INBF Cardinal Classic. Struthers, OH. Stephanie Foley & George Hudzik,

Oct. 1INBF  Mr. & Ms. Supernatural. Buffalo, NY. Marian Giallombardo & Donny Cray,

July 22/23   
 Bodybuilding  Fitness  Figure  Bikini - IFBB Pro Qualifer
  Sheraton Station Square - Pittsburgh                                                   Gary Udit                                                                                                          412-377-1438

September 2/3                                                                                       
2011 IFBB NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS                            Bodybuilding  Figure  Bikini  Fitness  Physique - IFBB Pro Qualifer Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - Cleveland, OH                                    Gary Udit                                                                                       412-377-1438

September 10
Bodybuilding  Figure  Bikini  Men Physique - National Qualifer       
Carnegie Library of Homestead Music Hall - Pittsburgh                Gary Udit and Mike Kamdar                                                                  412-377-1438

October 8
Bodybuilding  Figure  Bikini  Men Physique - Drug Tested               Carnegie Library of Homestead Music Hall - Pittsburgh
Gary Udit and Gregg Ferringer                                                       412-377-1438

October 1, 2011
NPC Natural Northern USA Drug Tested Bodybuilding Physique, Figure and Bikini

Lakewood Civic Auditorium

Cleveland, Ohio
Dave Liberman 440-942-5634
Todd Pember 440-984-2762

October 15, 2011
The ONBF Natural Fall Classic (NGA Pro Qualifier)
C-Tec of Licking County
Newark, Ohio
Contact: Nick Showman - (740) 403-9325

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Consistency is key

Consistency is key!

from my 'Tips from the Pros" article in Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine

 In order for any natural athlete, male or female to add mass, it is essential to be consistent with proper diet and exercise year-round.  Lifting moderate to heavy weight with a rep range of 10-12 for 3 to 4 sets is my standard practice in the gym, on all body parts, all year long.  There really is no ‘bulking’ season the way I see it.  A female competitive athlete should be conscious of proper protein intake, water intake and maintain a manageable weight within 10 to 15 lbs of competition weight.  If that means daily cardio for some of us, so be it.  If that means a more structured meal plan in the off season, then use it to your advantage.  Staying leaner in the off-season has been my secret weapon, so the secret is out. Don’t bulk up on unnecessary calories to increase overall size, make the calories you take in work for your muscles and growth.  When it comes to lifting, a key to mass building and growth is breaking up your routine every few weeks.  I like to switch to heavier weight and less reps for a week or two on various body parts, or I might try going for a max on a particular body part every other week.  The only way to change the shape of your body is to put it ever so slightly out of its’ comfort zone.  Another important factor in the building process is RECOVERY!  You only re-build when you are sleeping or resting the bodyparts, so it is important two give parts the needed rest and recovery before the next tear down session!  Eat properly, hydrate, sleep and lift.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upcoming WNBF Show for me:

I am sick of answering the next I will blog about it.  MY NEXT TENTATIVE WNBF PRO SHOW WILL BE THE PRO AMERICAN ON JUNE 4th, Promoted by Nancy Andrews.  I am curently on track with contest prep for the show.  I have a lot of things going on outside of the gym right now, so that my be the only time I am on stage this year.


  • My Diet right now: is aprox 1600 calories, 151g protein, 115g carbs. 54 g fat. Cheat meal weekly.

  • My Cardio right now: 40-45 min daily 7 days a week. Stairmaster and treadmill intervals.

  • My Lifting right now: 6 day split, heavy/moderately heavy training all bodyparts

  • My body right now:  Looking leaner, nursing an achy shoulder and left quad, abs are  almost mid-drift ready.

  •  My vice right now: Peanut butter and darck chocolate as always!!

  • How do I feel about defending my title from 2010?  It is new show everytime, no defending any titles ever in earn it each time you are on stage compared to different bodies.  It is a judged competition not an athletic event with a start and finish...the art of Bodybuilding is always a work in progress.  The BEST me is yet to come.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day In the Life: Motivation and Power of Positive Thinking

A Day In the Life: Motivation and Power of Positive Thinking: "I was at the Arnold over the weekend and met many people/fans/aspiring athletes/seasoned athletes at the ABOUT TIME PROTEIN booth. I f..."

Motivation and Power of Positive Thinking

I was at the Arnold over the weekend and met many people/fans/aspiring athletes/seasoned athletes at the ABOUT TIME PROTEIN booth.  I found myself on a soap box, speaking to like minded people about concerns in the industry over topics such as the 'going away of women's bodybuilding' and the motivation to keep doing shows, wondering what judges look for in winning physiques, and how to get to the next level....and then ultimately when you get to the next level then what.  I thought that a write up on the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING and motivation would be a great way to sum up thoughts.

All athletes that compete in physique competitions are ultimately looking for some sort of affirmation for their efforts in the gym and diet prep...but most likely all competitors have a bit different motivation.  Some compete year after year, show after show...all federations in an effort to be on stage for pure love of the sport, no real desire or NEED to get the pro card as a diploma for the hard work.  And yet others compete 2 or 3 times in their life and ONLY want their pro card, upset and disheartened when it doesn't come easy, and confused by being compared and judged next to individuals they do not 'think' that live up to the cookie cutter standard of what SHOULD be winning shows.  It is especially diffiucult as a FEMALE to hear criticism for the way you look, and in particular JUDGED by 7 strangers in what can be a glorified beauty contest.  Yes there is criteria, but the eye behind the judging interprets that criteria different than the next guy etc.  My motto is to compete for MOTIVATION NOT VALIDATION.  Placements in shows do not validate who you are or how hard you have worked.  Use the shows as a motivation for yourself, your family, your community and friends.  The difference between the future Mr/Ms Olympia and a great physique in the gym is COMPETITION.  Bringing the best you to the stage each and every time will ultimately be the most rewarding for you...and get you one step closer to that next level a lot of competitors are trying to achieve.  Everyone has obstacles in contest prep, bad days, low energy days, falling off diet days....and the ones who are successful learn from those and move forward time and time again. 

I have been YouTubing a few personally motivating speeches from ETthehiphoppreacher.  One that I found that personally hit home was SUCCESS vs SIGNIFICANCE.  There will always be people hating on your success...but when you become significant...people will open doors for you.  Helping people is where it is at.

He also has a few points I find that you can apply to EVERYTHING in your life personally, helping you motivate, to gain clear focus and get to the next level...and answer why you want to be at that next level, what you need to do at that level, and how to keep moving it forward for yourself:

1.  LIVE IN THE FORWARD: see IT before it actually happens.  See the person you want to be, then work everyday to get there.
2. EMBRACE FAITH: Have FAITH  in the things that you see in your day it will be your day.  You have to have faith that everything you are doing today will pay off for you, the best you, the improved you, the successful you.  Success is what YOU make it.
3. FAIL FORWARD: take it across the goal line as you fall.  All of the obstacles and mistakes you WILL make...learn form them.  Get back up and try again, don't quit never give up on your dreams  of success.  Define success in terms of YOU. Always remember that without struggle, there is no progress.  Everyone has made mistakes, and the successful people are the ones who accept them, learn from them, and continue to grow.

Create the SUCCESS you desire...and with that success, take advantage of the opportunity to become SIGNIFICANT.
Nov-Feb 2010 Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Cover

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best of 2010

It is all in the PLANNING!

So ... I have been sick for the last couple of weeks and thought maybe this is a good time to touch on how i deal with training through various 'obstacles' being sickness. Sorry the BLOG has suffered in this time frame too!

1) Sickness
2) Un-Forseen events such as weather/school closings/kids home sick!
3) Vacations/out of town meetings

 1)  SICKNESS: My Philosophy in general, is that: neck fever...and manageable with over the counter meds...gym training as usual. 
*( please one wants to spread sickness at the gym, however I find it is between the gym and Wal Mart that I catch I can't live in a bubble).
Yes you may feel week, you may feel blah, but it is important to maintain scheduled lifting and cardio days even if it is a light 'going through the motions' workout, and a long walk o n the treadmill.  I find that my energy level comes and goes thru sick days, and while prepping for shows it is inevitable that i will have some sort of cold/adversity to keep me from my 100% workouts.

2)  WEATHER! ( weather/school closings/kids home sick)  So your local meteorologist and you are not seeing eye to eye when it comes to training..what do you do?!  How do you manage?!  Key as always is to BE PREPARED!  Yes, it is winter.  Yes, it will snow...question is WHEN..EASY! pull up the Weather Channel online on the the news. Iphone that info.  Then make plan and preparations for terrible weather.  You and everyone else will be heading to the grocery store of staples like toilet paper, milk and bread....make sure you are stocked on proteins, greens and clean carbs too!  Prepare your meals to take with you in case you get stuck out of the house, and have a weekly plan for cardio alternatives and lifting alternatives.  I some times see weather delays as a perfect opportunity for well needed REST!  However, the diet needs to be in check, and there needs to be a definite plan of attack for a week calling for SNOW, ICE, RAIN ...what have you.  Adjust your workouts around the weather, rest on the days you are isolated, and don't let it destroy weeks and weeks of hard preparation!

This is also something where i feel you most likely KNOW well ahead of time what is coming all you need to do is PLAN FOR IT!  Plan for meals out, days lacking full throttle gym and or cardio.  Know that you have complete control of what you are eating and how to order straight from a restaurant menu!  Keeping control of your intake is key on vactions and out of town business trips, there are moments where it may be OK to indulge and treat yourself.  But be honest to what you are eating, why you are eating it and how that will effect your contest training and prep.  I always stay at hotels with a gym, so that no matter how LAME the workout equipment may be, there is no excuse!Use it and get creative with what you are dealt!  Cardio can be as easy as walking on a treadmill, or the BEACH, or laps at an outlet mall, or lunges down the hotel hallway.  You may be 'off' of regular training routine, but again PLAN for it and you will not be unravelling weeks and weeks worth of hard work!

What does it all come down to?  PLANNING and prepared for it all.  There will be times that nothing goes as planned, but the small amounts of detail you have created for your Plan B or EMERGENCY back up will make life easier.  No one's contest prep is without adversity.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Question from last week: What does my diet look like?

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?
(A Sample Day of Each Meal Eaten Throughout Your Training)

The following is a BASIC plan that i have done while prepping for a show.  So this would mirror a bit of my PRECONTEST prep for 15-12 weeks.  It does change through out the timeframe, so this is a sample/example.  I will adjust things Depending on my energy levels, weight, and daily exercise, and # of weeks out. 

6-10 egg whites with salt
1 cup spinach
4oz Sweet potato

50g About Time Protein Chocolate
1 slice Ezekial Bread

6oz chicken with 1-cup asparagus or steamed broccoli
1/4 cup quinoa
1/4 cup organic tomato sauce

6oz protein (tilapia/chicken breast/turkey breast/ extra lean ground beef) with a raw spinach salad
olive oil and balsamic vinegar

6oz chicken with 1-cup asparagus or steamed broccoli (or 10 egg whites w/ salt for protein source)

Meal #6
50g About Time Protein Chocolate

Every other day I take in extra fats in the forms of Natural Peanut butter (2-4 tbsps a day with protein shakes) and ¼ cup of raw unsalted almonds or cashew.  On those days I do not add extra salt to foods.  I vary this diet every 2-3 days: high fat/ high protein days with days of high fibrous carb vegetables/ high protein.  I eat one cheat meal for whatever I am craving once a week up until 4 weeks out from a competition. I vary my carb sources, and move to more fish for proteins closer to shows and take down my carb meals to strictly around BIG workout days.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

to start off the BLOG: Number One Question I am asked: Lifting Routine???

To Start off the BLOG, I have decided to answer the question I am most often asked about, MY HEAVY LIFTING.  CONSISTENCY in my lifting and diet have lead to great muscualrity and definition.  I have been lifting for about 12 years there is no over night success or 12 week miracle !!  However I will give up my BIG secret (LOL) about my lifting routine, even giving a sample of weekly split and exercises.

I lift heavy to moderately heavy weights consistently.  My rep range is normally 10-12, and sets vary from 3-4 each exercise and number of exercises depends on the bodypart.  I switch my training cycle up every 3 weeks or so, for example I may do a few weeks with legs twice a week and then move to once a week with BIG power movements for a week.

When prepping for competitions I work my cardio up and do low intensity activities.  I will do a week of 30-40 minutes 6 days a week and then move the next week to 45-60 minutes, and then up to 90 minutes to 2 hours.  On the 2 hour days I do 2 separate sessions, . I walk on a high incline on the treadmill, elliptical and stair mills for 30 40 min at a time. 

My lifting schedule:

Monday: Bis, tris, abs, calves 
Biceps: dumbbell hammer curl off of preacher bench 4 sets of 12-15
Triceps: dumbbell kickbacks 4 sets of 12-15
Bis: Isolation curl machine 3 sets of 10-12
Tris: dips 3 sets of 10-12
Bis:  Pulley machine one arm cable curls 4 sets of 10-12
Tris: Pulley machine one arm pull downs 4 sets of 10-12
Bi’s:  Pulley double arm 3 sets of 10
Tri’s: rope pulldowns 3 sets of 10

Calves:  calf raise on smith machine: 10 reps toes reg neutral stance, 10 reps toes pointed out, 10 reps toes pointed in this is one giant set (3 sets of 30)

One legged calf raise off of low box, 3 sets of 10 each leg no weight

Abs:  Hanging leg raise, decline abs, weighted ab machine, 3 sets of 30 each exercise

Tuesday: Chest, core exercise abs

Chest: incline chest press machine 4 sets of 12
            Incline dumbbell press 4 sets of 12
            Pushups: feet on bench 4 sets of 20
            Cable crossovers 4 sets of 10-12
            Pec deck flyes 4 sets of 10-12
Core abs:  wood chopper 2 sets 20 reps each side
Plank, side plank, hip raise plank 3 sets holding for 60 sec or more                          
P90X Ab Ripper Routine        

Wed: legs, quads, big movements
Squats: free standing 5 sets of 10 pyramiding weight
Smith machine deep squats 4 sets of 10
Leg extension: 3 sets of 15
Leg press: 5 sets of 10 pyramiding weight

Thurs: Back, Abs

Wide grip Pull-ups: 3 sets of 20, one set weighted with a 25-45lb    dumbbell or plate

Lat pulldown v-bar/neutral grip: 5 sets of 10 pyramiding weight
Standing swimmer pulldown: super set with lat pulldown 5 sets of 20 moderate weight

Seated row: 3 sets of 10 heavy weight
t-bar row: 3 sets of 10
standing high pulley lat squeeze: 4 sets of 10 increasing weight
standing high rope pull: 4 sets of 30
one arm dumbbell row: 3 sets of 10-12 heavy weight

Abs:  Hanging leg raise, decline abs, weighted ab machine, 3 sets of 30 each exercise

Fri: Shoulders, calves, abs

Front raises: 3 sets of 20
Side raise pinkies up: 3 sets of 20
Outward rotation: 3 sets of 20
Straight bar upright row wide grip: 3 sets of 20
Arnold press: 3 sets of 20
Reverse pec deck: 3 sets of 20
Shrugs: heavy weighted machine 3 sets of 10

Calves:  calf raise on smith machine: 10 reps toes reg neutral stance, 10 reps toes pointed out, 10 reps toes pointed in this is one giant set (3 sets of 30)

One legged calf raise off of low box, 3 sets of 10 each leg no weight

Abs:  Roman chair straight leg, hyperextensions, decline bench sit ups, v-ups off of bench 3 sets of 30 each exercise

Saturday: Hamstring/glute/butt
     Smith machine lunges: 5 sets of 10 each leg
     Weighted (dumbbells) step ups to a bench: 5 sets of 10 each leg
     Weighted (dumbbells) Walking lunges: 5 sets of 10 each leg
     Butt Blaster machine: 5 sets of 20 each leg
     Single leg hamstring curl machine: 5 sets of 20 each leg
     Reverse Hack Squat: 5 sets of 10
     Wide plie squats while holding plate: 4 sets of 10
     Pulley kickbacks, attached to ankle: 3 sets of 15           
     Weighted Butt/glute bridge raise: 3 sets to failure

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 1 of the NEW BLOG

I am starting the blog and hope to update weekly with information on my bodybuilding and life journey.  Eventually this will all be linked up to my webpage;  I am attempting to get a ONE STOP MEDIA outlet where all of my social media is connected and updates everywhere: so Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and now the Blogspot will have the same information reaching all of the interested fans/people it can!  Please note the side poll, asking what readers would like me to blog about.  Hopefully insight into my life as a natural bodybuilder will motivate and empower athletes.

Feel free to comment, and leave me feedback on future blogging!