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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's kind of neat social media works!

So I was checking in on BODYSPACE at, where I have a profile under tkatmommie.  I have been on there for years, and actually quit posting progress pictures and such becaus of an Idntity theft problem stemming from there and Myspace...all besides the point.  I still have an active profile, just have not been as active lately.  I was reading through friend requests 'fans' as they are called aon there and had a woman write to me that she was reading this new book and foung MY WORDS SO INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATING.  I seriously thought she had me confused with Tony Little the  Gazelle  So I googled the book, BODY BY DESIGN... and low and behold it stemmed from the social netowrk of BODYSPACE MEMBERS! Check out page 25 of the book!

The Author,  KRIS GETHIN has been the Editor in Chief of since 2005. A certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Kris has coached thousands of people all across the world, including several top athletes. He has also inspired thousands more on BodySpace, a fitness-focused social networking site with over 650,000 members.
This quote is also what I start out with on my website at  I go back to practicing what I preach a lot, and this one always brings out the reality and deeper meaning as to why I ..Toni West  am motivated.

I really couldn't believe that they found something 'inspirational' out of my 'space' on the website to actually put in print...and then to have readers of the book search me out to compliment the motivation.  I couldn't be happier to help pay it forward to people making a positive change in their lives, and to somehow be a small part of the process is incredible.  You never really know how many lives you touch, and social media, used for the POSITIVE influence is a great venue!

I found the book free with a purchase right now on, and it is a GREAT resource for those wanting to get motivated and structure a plan of attack on their fitness.  Plenty of inspirational transformation stories, before and after pictures, quotes AND how- to pictures, detailed plans and on and on.

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