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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Consistency is key

Consistency is key!

from my 'Tips from the Pros" article in Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine

 In order for any natural athlete, male or female to add mass, it is essential to be consistent with proper diet and exercise year-round.  Lifting moderate to heavy weight with a rep range of 10-12 for 3 to 4 sets is my standard practice in the gym, on all body parts, all year long.  There really is no ‘bulking’ season the way I see it.  A female competitive athlete should be conscious of proper protein intake, water intake and maintain a manageable weight within 10 to 15 lbs of competition weight.  If that means daily cardio for some of us, so be it.  If that means a more structured meal plan in the off season, then use it to your advantage.  Staying leaner in the off-season has been my secret weapon, so the secret is out. Don’t bulk up on unnecessary calories to increase overall size, make the calories you take in work for your muscles and growth.  When it comes to lifting, a key to mass building and growth is breaking up your routine every few weeks.  I like to switch to heavier weight and less reps for a week or two on various body parts, or I might try going for a max on a particular body part every other week.  The only way to change the shape of your body is to put it ever so slightly out of its’ comfort zone.  Another important factor in the building process is RECOVERY!  You only re-build when you are sleeping or resting the bodyparts, so it is important two give parts the needed rest and recovery before the next tear down session!  Eat properly, hydrate, sleep and lift.


  1. Straight and to the point. After competing and not giving my body time to rest, I am finally taking time off but realize I need the cardio to maintain a healthy off season weight. How do you build muscle while keeping continuing to doing a higher level of cardio (30 mins or more)?

  2. Building muscle is a process of breaking down and repairing (rest). So eating properly in the off season is important, where you are able to repair the muscles after heavy/consistent lifting and giving them time to repair (rest)WHILE feeding them the protein and nutrients they need. You will need to adjust your clean calorie intake in the off season to continue to stay lean and gain muscle. Sometimes muscle density is more of what you look to improve upon for than actual inches.