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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upcoming WNBF Show for me:

I am sick of answering the next I will blog about it.  MY NEXT TENTATIVE WNBF PRO SHOW WILL BE THE PRO AMERICAN ON JUNE 4th, Promoted by Nancy Andrews.  I am curently on track with contest prep for the show.  I have a lot of things going on outside of the gym right now, so that my be the only time I am on stage this year.


  • My Diet right now: is aprox 1600 calories, 151g protein, 115g carbs. 54 g fat. Cheat meal weekly.

  • My Cardio right now: 40-45 min daily 7 days a week. Stairmaster and treadmill intervals.

  • My Lifting right now: 6 day split, heavy/moderately heavy training all bodyparts

  • My body right now:  Looking leaner, nursing an achy shoulder and left quad, abs are  almost mid-drift ready.

  •  My vice right now: Peanut butter and darck chocolate as always!!

  • How do I feel about defending my title from 2010?  It is new show everytime, no defending any titles ever in earn it each time you are on stage compared to different bodies.  It is a judged competition not an athletic event with a start and finish...the art of Bodybuilding is always a work in progress.  The BEST me is yet to come.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day In the Life: Motivation and Power of Positive Thinking

A Day In the Life: Motivation and Power of Positive Thinking: "I was at the Arnold over the weekend and met many people/fans/aspiring athletes/seasoned athletes at the ABOUT TIME PROTEIN booth. I f..."

Motivation and Power of Positive Thinking

I was at the Arnold over the weekend and met many people/fans/aspiring athletes/seasoned athletes at the ABOUT TIME PROTEIN booth.  I found myself on a soap box, speaking to like minded people about concerns in the industry over topics such as the 'going away of women's bodybuilding' and the motivation to keep doing shows, wondering what judges look for in winning physiques, and how to get to the next level....and then ultimately when you get to the next level then what.  I thought that a write up on the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING and motivation would be a great way to sum up thoughts.

All athletes that compete in physique competitions are ultimately looking for some sort of affirmation for their efforts in the gym and diet prep...but most likely all competitors have a bit different motivation.  Some compete year after year, show after show...all federations in an effort to be on stage for pure love of the sport, no real desire or NEED to get the pro card as a diploma for the hard work.  And yet others compete 2 or 3 times in their life and ONLY want their pro card, upset and disheartened when it doesn't come easy, and confused by being compared and judged next to individuals they do not 'think' that live up to the cookie cutter standard of what SHOULD be winning shows.  It is especially diffiucult as a FEMALE to hear criticism for the way you look, and in particular JUDGED by 7 strangers in what can be a glorified beauty contest.  Yes there is criteria, but the eye behind the judging interprets that criteria different than the next guy etc.  My motto is to compete for MOTIVATION NOT VALIDATION.  Placements in shows do not validate who you are or how hard you have worked.  Use the shows as a motivation for yourself, your family, your community and friends.  The difference between the future Mr/Ms Olympia and a great physique in the gym is COMPETITION.  Bringing the best you to the stage each and every time will ultimately be the most rewarding for you...and get you one step closer to that next level a lot of competitors are trying to achieve.  Everyone has obstacles in contest prep, bad days, low energy days, falling off diet days....and the ones who are successful learn from those and move forward time and time again. 

I have been YouTubing a few personally motivating speeches from ETthehiphoppreacher.  One that I found that personally hit home was SUCCESS vs SIGNIFICANCE.  There will always be people hating on your success...but when you become significant...people will open doors for you.  Helping people is where it is at.

He also has a few points I find that you can apply to EVERYTHING in your life personally, helping you motivate, to gain clear focus and get to the next level...and answer why you want to be at that next level, what you need to do at that level, and how to keep moving it forward for yourself:

1.  LIVE IN THE FORWARD: see IT before it actually happens.  See the person you want to be, then work everyday to get there.
2. EMBRACE FAITH: Have FAITH  in the things that you see in your day it will be your day.  You have to have faith that everything you are doing today will pay off for you, the best you, the improved you, the successful you.  Success is what YOU make it.
3. FAIL FORWARD: take it across the goal line as you fall.  All of the obstacles and mistakes you WILL make...learn form them.  Get back up and try again, don't quit never give up on your dreams  of success.  Define success in terms of YOU. Always remember that without struggle, there is no progress.  Everyone has made mistakes, and the successful people are the ones who accept them, learn from them, and continue to grow.

Create the SUCCESS you desire...and with that success, take advantage of the opportunity to become SIGNIFICANT.
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